Dear Friends of TACC –

In the wake of COVID-19 and the guidelines outlined by CDC with school closures, businesses and restaurants being shuttered, people losing their jobs, markets tumbling, social distancing, and not to mention the anxiety of possibly getting sick, TACC is preparing in many ways currently and for its aftermath.

TACC’s staff is continuing to work tirelessly to address the needs of TACC’s clients and students virtually. While certain things have been put on hold, we acknowledge that life continues.

We also recognize that there will be a “second wave” of huge need. Officials and professionals in all fields have been discussing it… the mental health wave crisis due to isolation and the new normal. They state that everyone’s mental health will be affected. The potential for increased suicides, incidents of domestic violence, substance abuse and child abuse during the pandemic is high. Anxiety, depression, stress, and substance dependency will be on the rise and be worse for some than others. We will need more well-trained mental health professionals as well as ready and prepared religious and spiritual leaders to guide us through.

TACC is remaining steadfast through the public health crisis, and will continue on the other side, through the second wave – the mental health crisis. We have already seen an uptick in the number of new clients calling needing assistance, so we are reaching out ahead of this Second Wave.

We need your support – financial and prayers – more than ever. Please consider helping bolster TACC’s efforts in serving the community, in providing quality and accessible mental health services and in preparing the next generation of religious leaders!

We offer affordable counseling services now all online and over the phone  that promote the psychological and spiritual well-being of individuals in the community.

And we provide Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) now also online and via tele spiritual care that prepares the next generation of clergy and lay leaders in their future ministries to address social justice issues.


TACC, through its clinicians provides confidential counseling and psychotherapy for clients through individual, family, and group counseling. TACC’s goal is to provide affordable, accessible counseling to the Atlanta community. Our mission funds are made available to provide psychoeducation to help clients dealing with chronic illness/pain, and providing helpful information and coping skills to use to manage stressors contributing towards psychological and social complications, anxiety or depression symptoms, or just overall quality of life. Your contributions support this mission.