Why CPE?


TACC is accredited by the national ACPE organization as the standard for Spiritual Care and Education since it’s beginnings in 1976 to educate the next generation of spiritual care providers/chaplains.

Clinical Pastoral Education equips spiritual care providers with empathic care skills.

After an initial unit of CPE, which includes 400 hours of training ordained/endorsed clergy will be eligible to apply for hospice chaplain positions in Georgia. This initial training also allows trainees to apply for a year-long CPE residency to be able to work in hospitals or other institutions

As of February 2023, ACPE has required the Training and Counseling Center to post the below information on our website. This will also be available in the Student Handbook as well: 
A. An admission policy that serves to inform the public about a program’s non-discrimination policies. Policies must follow local, state, and federal laws related to discrimination. Note: This  ACPE-accredited program does not discriminate against persons because of race, ethnicity, religious/spiritual tradition, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability.
B. A financial policy that clearly states fees, payment schedules, refunds, stipends, and benefits.
C. Grievance/Complaint process for the local program that includes links to ACPE processes as indicated below. While ACPE recommends that complaints and grievances be addressed at the local level, program policies must indicate that a student may file a complaint directly with ACPE.
D. Maintenance of Student and Program Records. (See Guide for Student Records
E. Discipline, dismissal, and withdrawal of students.
F. Ethical conduct of students that is consistent with the ACPE Code of Ethics.
G. Student rights and responsibilities, including individual supervision and consultation.
H. How a unit will be completed in the event of a substantive change in the center. If applicable, a policy for Using Video Conferencing in a unit of CPE.

For more information go to: www.acpe.edu

The headquarters of ACPE are in Atlanta:

55 Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard, Suite 835, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: (404) 320-1472
Fax: (404) 320-0849
Email: acpe@acpe.edu