Why CPE?


TACC is accredited by the national ACPE organization as the standard for Spiritual Care and Education since it’s beginnings in 1976 to educate the next generation of spiritual care providers/chaplains.

Clinical Pastoral Education equips spiritual care providers with empathic care skills.

After an initial unit of CPE, which includes 400 hours of training ordained/endorsed clergy will be eligible to apply for hospice chaplain positions in Georgia. This initial training also allows trainees to apply for a year-long CPE residency to be able to work in hospitals or other institutions

For more information go to: www.acpe.edu

The headquarters of ACPE are in Atlanta:

55 Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard, Suite 835, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: (404) 320-1472
Fax: (404) 320-0849
Email: acpe@acpe.edu