CPE (Accredited by ACPE)



These programs are under the supervision of TACC’s Executive Director Rev. Dorothea Lotze M. Div, Th.M., LMFT

The Training and Counseling now offers an Alternative 30-Week CPE Program! This program is a unique 30-week extended program for clergy and seminarians, which allows for fewer weekly hours and a slower pace and a deeper learning experience. 

To Apply

Admission to the program is based on the completion and evaluation of the CPE application and a possible admission interview. To apply for CPE training, we require a non-refundable $60 application fee, a minimum of a 10-page application document and a potential interview after the application has been reviewed by an ACPE supervisor. 

You will find the ACPE Application form for Level I CPE on the ACPE website

You can also find the CPE application here. Please email all application materials to dkola@taccatstlukes.com.



Sept 2024 through May 2025

  • 10 hours weekly clinical 
  • 3 hours weekly educational 
Program Description


TACC has created a CPE unit that will start in early September and end in May 2025 (accompanying you over two semesters). The advantage of taking this extended unit is that you only have to put in 10 spiritual care hours per week (in the mornings) at your urban social justice non-profit site plus three hours of (primarily online) education each week). This set up will give plenty of time to attend other course work or life/work commitments.

A unique feature of our CPE program is that it is not located in the hospital, but that you will provide spiritual care to persons who experience homelessness, mental illness, poverty, or are in addiction recovery. All our educational offers will be trauma informed and spiritually integrated while also creative and mindfulness promoting. 

One aspect of the program will be the exploration of different ministry contexts. You will have the opportunity to encounter parish pastors, chaplains, counselors, social workers, CPE educators and non-profit leaders who all have M.Div. background. If you are discerning in which direction you want to go in ministry, this CPE unit is right for you.