Community Education and Spiritual Care

Resilient Community workshop: Promoting growth and healing after the impact of stressful time periods

Presenters: Nineshia Mont-Reynaud and Lauren Ellis

Resilience is our ability to overcome and work through difficult situations and life’s challenges. Positive experiences help strengthen resilience by building skills. As resilience and other skills are built, we are able to buffer the impacts of high or toxic stress and trauma. It is important to start building resilience early in childhood and throughout our entire life.
Our workshop will explore the resiliency skills that you will find useful in your daily lives. We welcome adults, community helpers and educators, and caregivers for children and teens.

The virtual workshop will be held Tuesday, April 26th from 6:00pm – 7:30 pmWe invite everyone to get a preview of our ongoing workshop, and this virtual premiere event will be free for participants. Please email or for registration. We welcome suggested donations of $5 or more to support our mission fund. Please visit our home page to make your contribution.
Contact our office and speak with our Program Manager, Lauren Ellis, or Clinical Director, Nineshia Mont-Reynaud to discuss how we can meet the needs of your organization/staff/parish.

Pre-Marital Counseling (ongoing)

Couples seeking premarital counseling will have the benefit of receiving this service from a counselor trained to provide these services. We utilize the Prepare-Enrich program that is customized to identify strengths, growth areas, and skill building exercises to help couples develop a deeper understanding of one another. A few topics that we will explore include communication, intimacy, marriage roles and expectations, and couple/family maps. The customized online assessment fee $35, and each private couple session is 1 hour to 1 ½ hours in length, for four to six sessions. Couples will meet with their counselor for feedback, guidance, and tools to promote growth, and sustain strength in their relationships. Please contact us regarding our packages to identify which is the right fit for you.

*Individual couple sessions will be offered in place of workshops that do not meet the minimum capacity requirements