Community Education and Spiritual Care

TACC Will Present a Workshop for parents this FALL!


Presenter: Marnie Grodzin LMSW

Please check back in again soon for workshop details.

Monday, September 13, 2021 

Time: TBD 

Cost: In Kind Donations

Location: Live Online  Workhop or In Person TBD


For registration and or any ADA accommodations please contact us at 404-876-6266  Ext. 2003 or email us

Pre-Marital Counseling (ongoing)

Couples seeking premarital counseling will have the benefit of receiving this service from a counselor trained to provide these services. We utilize the Prepare-Enrich program that is customized to identify strengths, growth areas, and skill building exercises to help couples develop a deeper understanding of one another. A few topics that we will explore include communication, intimacy, marriage roles and expectations, and couple/family maps. The customized online assessment fee $35, and each private couple session is 1 hour to 1 ½ hours in length, for four to six sessions. Couples will meet with their counselor for feedback, guidance, and tools to promote growth, and sustain strength in their relationships. Please contact us regarding our packages to identify which is the right fit for you.

*Individual couple sessions will be offered in place of workshops that do not meet the minimum capacity requirements