Trauma Informed Care

What happened to you versus What’s wrong with you…

Can you imagine if this question was asked to individuals who have experienced racial inequalities, gender and sex inequalities, and towards individuals who have their political beliefs challenged. Trauma informed care is an educational tool to help individuals acknowledge the presence of trauma. It also addresses how to increase one’s awareness engaging with others whom have experienced this trauma in a way that is promoting a culture of safety, empowerment, and healing. Trauma informed education has four main teaching points 1) realize the prevalence, 2) recognize the impact , 3) respond appropriately, and 4) build resilience through skill building .

Increasing our awareness of trauma makes the difference on whether we perceive someone is hurt or suffering versus helpless or bad. It also helps us examine our approach with colleagues who are exhibiting signs of stress in the workplace and encouraging leaders to create a strong organizational culture and support that promotes minimizing stress in the workplace.

TACC is a spiritually integrated and trauma informed counseling center. Our counselors have a diverse background that consists of evidenced based treatment approaches. We are committed to educating our clients, partners, our colleagues, and the community.